Brookline Bodyworks - Pilates on the Pond, LLC

Our second location, Bodyworks at Depot Square, LLC opened in Peterborough, NH on February 1st, 2016!

The Studio offers yoga, pilates and meditation classes as well as workshops.

Visit our site for more information.

Meredith does bodywork on Thursdays
in Peterborough!

Upcoming workshops:

Check out the BDS website for community workshops and Anatomy Trains workshops for 2019!

Fun and easy-to-learn exercises on the CoreAlign® emphasize an easy, balanced, upright posture and are designed to improve posture, balance and functional movement. Developed by physical therapist Jonathan Hoffman, CoreAlign exercises facilitate recruitment of core muscles and coordination of functional movement patterns while enhancing strength, flexibility and range of motion.  It makes an ideal musculoskeletal rehabilitation tool as well as a fitness and performance builder!

New!!  Fascial Stretch Therapy.  You will feel great after your session.  See 'Our Services' for more details. 

Fascial Fitness.  This is the latest trend in fitness training.  Fascia is our organ of form.  It surrounds every muscle, organ and tissue of our body.  It has more nerve endings than muscles and helps with sensation and proprioception.  I use a variety of training techniques pioneered by Robert Schleip, Ph. D. and Tom Myers to build resiliency, flexibility and enhance function of this important structure of our body.

Yoga.  Want to customize a yoga practice?  Need help with asanas (poses) or modifications due to injury, weakness or decreased flexibility?  I can assist you with your yoga practice giving you one on one attention that cannot be obtained in a class setting.  As a result , you can practice with more confidence and focus both independently and in classes.

Barre.  Combines traditional ballet barre exercises with toning and pilates.  A great over all workout that tones the gluteals, hamstrings and core while improving balance and endurance! See class schedule for locations.

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